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Replaceable Wool Felt Inserts

The Mood-Air wicks are for use with the Mood-air (not included), an aromatherapy and essential oil diffuser. The wicks absorb the essential oil, and the fan then gently disperses the aroma into the air without using water. This allows for a water free method for adding your favorite essential oil blend to the air. unique diffuser uses no water but instead has a small fan that disperses the scent directly from your standard essential oil bottle. Use with our natural and high-quality Mood-scents, or your own product or blend. 

Provides aromatherapeutic relief as essential oils are naturally distributed into the air

Comes in a pack of 4 wicks, so you can have a wick for each of your favorite essential oils.

Use with the Mood-air™ to help disperse the Mood-scents of your choice. 

Pair with the Mood-air™ of your choice to improve your mood!

Simple to replace!